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Wiring Device Renovation Revelations

mk usb socketTechnology is showing no signs of abating. People are glued to their mobile devices everywhere you look and there are no signs of this trend changing.

With this in mind, Emma Segelov, head of marketing for MK Electric, discusses the role of wiring devices in renovation projects and how the simplest of additions can create an entirely different experience for a consumer.

With so much changing all around us, questions regarding how consumers will use their mobile devices in the future are regularly debated. One thing’s for certain, though – the prolific growth of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is rife, and not looking to slow down anytime soon.

They’ve become such a key part of everyday life that most people are completely reliant on them, using their smartphone to manage travel documents, make payments, and organise their diaries. In fact, our society has become so hooked on mobile devices that experts have coined the term ‘nomophobia’ to describe the many millions of people who fear spending a single moment without access to them. This is without doubt hard to ignore for 21st century building refurbishments.

Luckily, the majority of devices are now connected to charging ports via USB cables. An easy way for businesses to open another level of customer service in a heavily competitive market is by introducing USB charging solutions; be it a new coffee shop or any other commercial space, the option of USB charging is quickly becoming a highly sought-after convenience. What’s more, this is great news for installers taking on renovation and refurb projects, as this presents an additional upselling opportunity.

By incorporating socket outlets which feature USB charging ports, installers can help provide a building’s occupants with access to the charge they need – all they need to carry is the cable to connect their device to the charging point.

USB integrated sockets have proven to be particularly popular in environments such as university student accommodation, but the scope for the technology goes well beyond this. Many other commercial environments, such as restaurants and hotels, are now beginning to realise the potential appeal these power points hold for customers.

As one of the first UK manufacturers to introduce a range of award winning USB charging solutions, MK Electric has enabled installers to offer their clients ample opportunities to provide optimised charging performance. But it’s not just the devices that plug into these sockets that’s smart; inbuilt dynamic device recognition (DDR) is an innovative technology, specifically designed to detect charging configurations from a range of manufacturers and react accordingly for optimal and efficient charging. DDR ensures that devices are never damaged while being powered up.

Furthermore, it ensures different devices charge in distinct ways – for example, a USB charger which works for an iPhone may not effectively charge an iPad. DDR ensures that each device recognises the USB integrated socket outlet as it would its own charger, and therefore draws current to the level which it is designed for. In a busy coffee shop or hotel where time is of the essence, this function saves valuable time and resources.

USB sockets are easy to incorporate in refurb and retrofit opportunities as they can simply replace existing sockets. MK’s Logic Plus range has been re-engineered to fit into a standard 25mm back box, allowing for a quick and easy installation. This is good news for refurb projects, as operating a simple product switch saves on both time, resources and money, making the job efficient and effective.

These sockets are available within seven MK Electric wiring device ranges – Logic Plus, Metalclad Plus, MK Dimensions, Albany Plus, Edge, Aspect and Elements, offering the widest choice and flexibility to suit any application. Thanks to this wide range of wiring devices available, there is a suitable option for every environment, interior décor and function.

USB charging solutions are becoming an increasingly important factor for a building’s occupants, making them impossible to ignore for those refurbishing properties. By providing a reliable source of power for users, they can ensure that buildings are suitable for the connected generation for the foreseeable future.


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