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MK Electric Launches Dimensions A New Range Of Screwless Wiring Devices

mk electric dimensionsMK Electric has launched a new range of screwless wiring devices, Dimensions, a two-piece, installer-led solution which has been designed to provide hassle free specification and installation without compromising on style, quality and value.

With a simple, modern design, Dimensions is a perfect fit for every contemporary space, from residential developments to hotels and commercial buildings.  The range is available in eight high quality finishes – metals and synthetics – allowing for scalability within any design, from a typical hotel room to a larger suite, or ‘back of house’ offices to high footfall reception areas.

Designed as a two-piece product solution, Dimensions is available as two individual parts, a functional module and clip-on frontplate, which can be ordered and installed separately to fit in with your project schedule, as well as reducing the risk of frontplate loss prior to fitting. The functional module, available in black or white, comes with a robust and recyclable protective clear cover plate to safeguard the final frontplate against on-site damage like paint splatter or build up, abrasions from plaster sanding or knocks and scrapes from tools or ladders. What’s more, the protective cover ensures the device meets British Standards and therefore the functional module is fully operational, allowing work to continue as usual. When you are ready, simply clip on the final frontplate to create a flawless finish.

The two-part installation also offers a high level of flexibility to the customer, allowing them to upgrade and interchange frontplates as the design and the décor inside the building changes over time. The final frontplates are tool removable, using just a screwdriver, and as they are not connected to the mains power, they can be fitted by a less experienced worker.

Emma Segelov, head of marketing at MK Electric, said: “We believe that it is imperative for wiring devices to be engineered with the installer in mind, to ensure specification and installation is as convenient as possible.

“The two-piece design of MK Electric’s new Dimensions range offers a new level of flexibility, allowing contractors to align first and second fix installation to their project schedules. This also reduces the potential for parts to be lost or damaged on site. Overall, this range meets the needs of everyone – from installer, to customer, to end-user.”

With a broad range, Dimensions features the latest product innovations, including integrated USB socket outlets, LED dimmers and multimedia plates.  

Built on time-honoured MK Electric engineering, it also includes a whole host of other features to ensure ease of installation, including the frontplate multi-lock system, which helps secure frontplates on less-even walls, backed out and captive terminal screws and inline terminals. Also included are safety features such as MK’s three-pin ‘child resistant shutter system’ and dual earth terminals, perfect for high integrity earthing applications. Dimensions provides peace of mind for contractor, customer and end user, and comes complete with a 20-year guarantee* (Exclusions apply)


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