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Vent-Axia Celebrates Noise Action Week 2017

Vent Axia SvaraVent-Axia is celebrating Noise Action Week (22-27 May 2017) with the announcement that its Lo-Carbon Svara bathroom fan has been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society (NAS).

Leading the way in silent fan design, this is the fifth year that Vent-Axia has supported Noise Action Week which is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK to tackle noise problems in our neighbourhoods.

svara appOffering a solution to noisy extract fans, Vent-Axia’s Bluetooth-enabled Svara is the UK’s first App-controlled unitary fan and offers exceptionally quiet running, operating at just 17 dBA on low trickle. Its near-silent operation has resulted in the Svara being awarded the Quiet Mark by the NAS, a mark of approval given World-Wide to manufacturers of the quietest products on the market and validated by the UK’s Association of Noise Consultants. The Quiet Mark award enables consumers and specifiers to easily select quieter products via the online Quiet Mark Directory

“We are able to offer some of the quietest ventilation products on the market, such as the Svara, and are delighted to be supporting Noise Action Week once again” said Tom Emson, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “Svara’s recognition by the Noise Abatement Society will further assure our customers that they are buying one of the quietest fans available. The Svara helps ensure a peaceful, healthy environment for households with a range of clever features including silent scheduling and occupancy sensors to avoid nuisance running.”

The ground-breaking Svara means households can now control their ventilation from the comfort of their sofa using the free App on their smartphone. The Svara App unlocks a whole range of different functions to control their home’s indoor air quality, such as silent scheduling and automatic cycles, offering flexible ventilation to suit a household’s lifestyle. Silent Scheduling allows the homeowner to ensure that the fan does not go to boost. This is particularly useful overnight, or if there is a sleeping baby nearby. The automatic cycles allow users to activate the fan on particular days via the App, for instance it can be turned off during a holiday period. Alternatively during a holiday Svara can be set via the scheduling control to an airing mode which operates a purge function every 12 hours. However, Svara’s sophisticated controls will not purge if the light sensor detects someone is in the home using the room.

noise action weekPoppy Szkiler, Managing Director of Quiet Mark said: “People would often rather not use their household extractor fans when they are annoyingly loud and noisy. Vent-Axia’s Svara will come as peaceful relief, deserving its validated Quiet Mark.”

The highly sophisticated Svara leads the way in unitary fan design, offering a number of functions that ensures quiet, disturbance free running. It has three speed modes, with the default setting being for the very quiet trickle, with a continuous flow of 10l/s. The second speed runs at 16l/s and is triggered by the light sensor and the boost speed is 30l/s and is activated by the humidistat. A clever light sensor recognises room occupancy through light movement and shadows, but can distinguish between car headlights flashes and people moving about to avoid nuisance running. A delay-on feature can also be set to avoid the fan being triggered in the night during quick bathroom visits. To avoid nuisance running, Svara does not trigger at ambient humidity changes in the night.

svara in bathroomDelivered factory set for continuous operation at low speed, with humidity and light sensors activated, Svara provides good indoor air quality and comfort. Once the fan is set up at installation all these sensors and speeds can be altered via the App to change the level of sensitivity that triggers them, and the speed of the fan within set parameters. Svara also features an effective humidistat which reacts to sharp changes in humidity, for instance when someone is taking a shower. This helps control damaging humidity levels that can lead to condensation and mould and the associated health risks.

For electricians, Svara comes with lots of practical features that make it easy and flexible to install and maintain. Set up is made simple through Svara’s Bluetooth-enabled App which offers the options of intermittent or continuous ventilation; whether the humidistat triggers operation or not; and whether the fan should be controlled via a switch or a pull cord. No more fiddly switches and jumpers.  Ideal for retrofitting Svara is 100mm but comes with a convertor up to 160mm. Offering installation flexibility Svara has just one model and can be installed on the ceiling or wall. Meanwhile, an overrun timer can still be used, even if the property only has two electrical wires, removing the need for re-wiring.


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