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Vent-Axia Donates Silent Fans to Charity

Silent FanLeading UK ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia has donated two Silent Fans to the Gilead Foundations Charity. The Silent Fans were installed in the staff toilets in their farm sheds and have helped the charity adhere to health and safety regulations.

The Gilead Foundations Charity offers residential rehabilitation at Risdon Farm, Okehampton in Devon, for people suffering with addictions, depression and other mental health problems. Offering a training programme designed to help with resettlement back into society the Gilead Charity provides a course which includes skills training in areas such as catering, administration and farm work. The farm work includes horticulture, the dairy and the free range chicken unit.

To help support the charity Gilead decided to set up two chicken units for egg production on the farm. This helps to provide farm work for students, such as packing eggs, general chicken shed maintenance, as well as offering an opportunity to make a profit from the sale of eggs.  

The Silent Fans were needed by the charity to set up the chicken units as the Health and Safety directive stipulated that extractor fans were required for the staff toilets in the two timber-framed fully-insulated chicken sheds. The extractor fans were necessary in the toilet facilities because of the chicken dust generated.

“Everyone is very happy with the new fans. We needed fans that were inexpensive to run and were efficient enough to cope with the chicken dust. The quieter the better too since chickens don’t like a lot of noise – staff have to knock before entering the sheds as the chickens react badly to being surprised!” said Lois Samuel, Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Gilead Foundations Charity.

The students operate a rota for working in the chicken sheds so every one of the, currently, 10 members will need access to the staff toilets and will benefit from the cleaner air provided by the Vent-Axia fans.  

"It is fantastic that Vent-Axia have been able to donate these extractor fans to us at the Gilead Foundations.  We rely heavily on the generosity of companies like Vent-Axia to help reduce our overheads so that we are able to put more funding back into the Rehabilitation Centre," said Ben Samuel, Farm Manager, Gilead Foundations Charity.

Holding the Noise Abatement Society’s Quiet Mark 2015, the Silent Fan operates at only 14dB(A), the Silent Fan is a significant 75% quieter than typical intermittent bathroom fans. Discreet and elegantly designed, this quieter-than-a-whisper fan costs less than £1 a year to run.

Simple to install and maintain, the Silent Fan is the perfect choice. Designed for wall, ceiling, window and panel mounting it will also fit into existing 100mm ducts, making it ideal for replacement applications. A single 100mm axial fan capable of two-speed operation the Silent Fan performs at 21l/s and so comfortably meets the ventilation requirements of most bathrooms and toilets. Available as a standard model or as an option with an overrun timer adjustable between 5 and 30 minutes, the Silent Fan complies fully with Building Regulations Part F and L.

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