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Vent-Axia Launches the Revolutionary JetDry3® Hand Dryer

Vent Axia JetDry3 Hand DryerVent-Axia has launched an innovative new hand dryer, the JetDry3®. Featuring the latest drying technology the patented ergonomic hand dryer boasts a unique ceramic plate that absorbs water then evaporates it, as well as an impressive 10-second dry time.

A cost effective alternative to conventional hand dryers and paper towels, the ergonomic Jet Dry3® has been designed to allow users to dry their hands in a more comfortable way – horizontally, just like they wash them.  At the same time users will be able to watch while the water disappears from their hands into the unique ceramic plate.

Meanwhile the patented three air outlet system (top, left and right) generates more consistent air speeds and dries hands evenly, thoroughly and comfortably. Fitted with a 300-450W adjustable heater element the Jet Dry3® offers an optional heater mode to offer additional comfort to users in the colder winter months.

The JetDry3® also cleans up when it comes to hygiene. The combination of a built-in anti-bacterial protection on its surface and all ABS components as well as a HEPA filter, eliminates over 99% of any present bacteria. By hygienically drying hands the JetDry3® will help to protect users against winter colds and flu.

With electricity bills an ever present concern for businesses the JetDry3® features a Lo-Carbon DC motor to increase efficiency and drive down costs.
Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, this patented hand dryer is one of the quickest on the market boasting a swift 10-second dry time. This will save on energy and cut down on washroom time.

“Drying hands quickly and efficiently, our new JetDry3® allows users to dry their hands in a more comfortable position just like they wash them. Fitted with an efficient Lo-Carbon DC motor the Jet Dry boasts low energy consumption thus saving money, which is key as the UK’s fuel bills escalate,” explains Jenny Smith, Marketing Services Manager, at Vent-Axia.

The clean lines of the aesthetically pleasing JetDry3® ensure that it will make a welcome addition to any washroom, while also saving on time, energy and cost. Meanwhile, its compact dimensions (322mm W x 560mm H x 185mm D) mean it is simple to install even in restricted spaces.

Easy to maintain and service the reliable JetDry3® is competitively priced when compared to its competitors.

For further information on the JetDry3® and additional products and services offered by Vent-Axia please telephone 0844 856 0590.

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