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shentongroup Supplies Generator System to Herrco Cosmetics for Peak Load Management

When Herrco Cosmetics decided to increase production time from 12 to 24-hours a day at its factory in Halesworth, Suffolk, it was faced with the problem of how to manage its peak electrical loads.

Confronted with a potential bill in excess of £50,000 for an onsite substation, Herrco turned to shentongroup, a specialist supplier of power generation and energy systems, to provide it with a bespoke generator to automatically manage its electrical peak loading.

shentongroup supplied Herrco Cosmetics with a 138kVA generator and special built control panel housed in a super-silent acoustic and weatherproof canopy  (located outside on a concrete plinth). shentongroup’s total solutions package included installation, testing and commissioning as well as a regular maintenance programme and an ongoing fuel delivery service.

We were recommended to shentongroup by our electrician and the company’s engineers carried out a very detailed survey”, said Derek Herrman, Director of Herrco Cosmetics.  “They installed  equipment to measure our peak load requirements and then provided us with a tailormade solution”.

The generator has been designed to synchronise with the mains power system, enabling it to monitor the factory’s power consumption and thereby provide additional power during peak load hours.  Should the factory suffer a mains power failure, the generator system will operate as an automatic standby power system preventing costly shutdown by providing back-up power until the mains electricity has returned.

“We are extremely pleased with the installation”, concluded Derek Hermann.  “shentongroup was very professional and has the knowledge and expertise to undertake such assignments.”


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