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Tool Bag for Craftsmen on the go

Snickers Workwear extends the selection and launches robust tool bags with an ergonomic design that make it easy to keep track of the tools. After several years’ worth of development the design receives an award at the world’s largest design contest “red dot awards.”

Snickers Workwear extends the selection and launches an entirely new line of ergonomic tool bags. Several years of development has now resulted practical and advanced tool bags for the mobile craftsman.

Recently the tool bags caught the attention of the members of the jury at the “red dot awards”, and won a prize at the world’s most prestigious design contest. The expert jury highlighted the innovative material, the ergonomic and modern shape of the bag and the unique design that makes it easy for the user to reach the tools.

“There is a clear trend of craftsmen moving between several work sites. It increases the demands on functional equipment, and according to our surveys the majority finds it difficult to bring all the tools with them. They have to go back and forth, which is both inefficient and puts unnecessary strain on the body,” says Johan Wijkmark, Product Manager at Snickers Workwear.

Therefore the company has developed a selection of stable tool bags that offer the user a clear overview of bag’s content, and facilitate bringing the right equipment. Stable handles that can be folded down provide easy access to the tools in the bag. For maximum stability, the handle can be locked in a fixed position during transport.

In the selection there is also a practical back-pack with a smart design. Kai-Mikael Lukkonen, team leader at FO Peterson, has tested the backpack version of the tool bag and his experience iss that it helps him throughout the workday and makes him more efficient.

“It is comfortable to carry and very functional. I can fit all of my tools in it which frees up my hands for carrying tripods and ladders. Now I’m always fully equipped and don’t face the risk of forgetting something”, he says.

Ergonomic design of the bag offers optimized freedom of movement and carrying comfort. Additional ergonomic features are the anti-slip, padded shoulder strap and the form fitting back of the bag.

”Craftsmen retire at a younger age than the rest of the workforce. Many work-related and repetitive strain injuries could be prevented with the proper gear,” says Johan Wijkmark.

Equipped with clever compartments, the tools will stay in the right position in the bags. Made of a hard-wearing plastic, the bottom of the bag will not leave marks on the floor.

”I am immensely proud of our new tool bags and the positive feedback from the test users clearly confirms that we have developed a range of products that the craftsmen really want,” says Johan Wijkmark.

Size: Flexi Tool Bag is available in 15 L and 30 L, Flexi Tool Bag/Backpack 19 L and 25 L.

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