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Fluke industrial DMM Special Offer Includes FREE Current Clamp Plus SureGrip Kit

Fluke 87V DMM offerUntil 31st December 2019 and while stocks last, Fluke is offering the Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter, which provides accurate measurements on variable frequency drives (VFDs) and other electrically noisy equipment, together with a FREE i410 AC/DC current clamp and free Fluke L215 SureGrip™ Kit which includes a probe light and probe extenders.

This Fluke 87V offer – Fluke 87V/i410/L215 - and other Fluke Specials can be seen at

The Fluke 87V true-RMS Industrial Multimeter provides the resolution and accuracy to efficiently troubleshoot motor drives, plant automation, power distribution, and electromechanical equipment even in loud, high energy, and high altitude locations. It takes the guesswork out of drive system troubleshooting. It includes a unique function for accurately measuring noisy signals at the variable frequency drive and at the motor terminals: special shielding blocks high frequency, high-energy noise generated by large drive systems. It correctly measures pulse-width modulated motor drive signals.

Useful features of the 87V
• Rugged, high accuracy industrial multimeter to measure current, voltage and frequency on complex VFD signals
• Offers true-RMS AC voltage and current for measuring non-linear signals
• Captures intermittents as short as 250µs
• Safety rated CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V
• Includes a built-in thermometer and temperature probe which can be used to easily check whether overheating is involved in a system breakdown.

The Fluke i410 AC/DC current clamp expands the functionality of the digital multimeter and measures up to 400 Amps for both AC and DC current. The large clamp jaw enables access to difficult to reach areas, taking readings without breaking the circuit. It is safety rated to CAT III 600V.

The Fluke L215 SureGrip Kit includes a SureGrip Silicon test lead set, SureGrip test probes, 20cm test probe extenders, and a probe light.

Also included in Fluke’s money saving Autumn Campaign are a Fluke T6-1000 Non-contact Voltage Tester kit; Fluke 2-pole Tester offers; Fluke 1663 / 1664 FC Multifunction Tester kits; Fluke 179 DMM with free Fluke TLK-225 SureGrip Master Accessory Set; as well as Fluke 1507 Insulation Resistance Testers and Fluke 561 IR and Contact Thermometers at special prices.


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