Citel’s Lightning Counter Provides Real Time Localised Detection Of Lightning

citel LSC AAvailable from specialist distributor Switchtec, a Lightning Current Counter from leading Surge Protection Device Manufacturer “Citel” which records localised lightning strikes.

The LSC-A Lightning Strike Counter is designed to detect and record impulse current conducted by the Down conductors of a Lightning Protection System or by the earth wire of an installation with or without an installed Surge Protection system. It is extremely useful to assess the stress placed on installed Surge Protection Devises. The LSC-A can detect Lightning induced voltage up to 100k Amps and can count up to 999,999 events before resetting. Requiring no external power supply, the device is powered by its internal battery, and has a life expectancy of over 10 years.

The design is a compact size measuring just 66 x 55 x 47mm. Its housings is IP67 and manufactured from a high grade UL94-V0 Thermoplastic, coloured Green and Yellow making it highly visible and suitable for installation inside or outside of a property. The counter is also manufactured in accordance to EN 62561-6.

Two Version of the counter are available. A Direct Cable/Conductor mount or Din Rail Mount. Both utilise a through wire mounting connection, where the device is mounted directly on the Lightning Conductor or earth wire by the means of a Clamp/bracket. This enables the counter to be retro fitted easily onto any system without the need for cutting or terminating any wires or cables.

Switchtec offers a full range of surge protection devices from Citel including AC Type 1, 2 & 3 SPD’s, DC & Photovoltaic SPD’s Coaxial SPD’s and SPD’s for use in the LED Lighting industry. A true expert in its field, Citel has been manufacturing SPDs since 1944 and is one of the last remaining manufacturers of gas discharge tubes, the basic component of a high-quality SPD’s.


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