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Megger Delivers a Handful of Handy PAT Tools

Megger New AppAn invaluable new “app” from portable test equipment expert Megger provides users with an invaluable set of software tools that will help them to carry out portable appliance testing (PAT testing) more easily and more efficiently.

The PAT Toolbox app is available in versions for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

The first section of the app, which is available now and is free to download and use, provides a range of essential cable calculation functions. Two additional sections will shortly be available to purchase for a nominal sum, the first covering risk assessment and retest frequency guidance, the second offering an easily searchable knowledge base for PAT testing. All sections incorporate an integral help system that can be accessed with a tap of the screen.

The free section of the Megger app provides a fast and convenient way of calculating the expected resistance of appliance leads and extension leads to allow an accurate comparison to be made with the measured resistance, and it does much more beside. It also indicates the maximum current capacity of the lead, the maximum extension lead length for the cross sectional area of lead being used, and the minimum cross sectional area for the fuse that’s fitted. It also warns that the lead should be protected by an RCD.

The paid-for section of the app dealing with risk assessment guides users step-by-step through a decision making process that will help them to decide on an optimum retest frequency for the appliance under test.

The knowledge base section is a handy tool that ensures users always have a comprehensive guide to PAT testing procedures at their fingertips, together with key facts about PAT testing and PAT testing requirements, without the need to carry around printed reference material.

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