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Eaton Leads the Way With Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling exampleEaton is making life easier for architects, surveyors, contractors, consulting engineers and others working in the built environment sector by providing Building Information Modelling (BIM) friendly models for its electrical distribution products.

Eaton is one of the first companies in the electrical sector to offer support for BIM, an initiative which is already being adopted widely for major building projects and which will become mandatory for government funded projects from 2016 onward.

BIM goes far beyond conventional 3D modelling for products used in buildings. As well as providing physical data about the product, BIM friendly models contain detailed information about many other aspects of the product – for distribution boards, for example, they contain information about the type and ratings of the circuit breakers and other devices used within the board.

When BIM models are used with suitable software, of which many versions are available, they can make major efficiency savings at every stage of construction projects by facilitating design and eliminating costly problems such as collisions between building elements that have accidentally been sited in the same location. Ultimately, BIM will also provide an accurate, dependable and easily accessible “owner’s manual” for the completed building, facilitating upkeep and maintenance throughout the life of the structure.

Liverpool-based A&B Engineering, a privately owned building services provider with an annual turnover in excess of £30 million, is an early adopter of BIM and is enthusiastic about the benefits of Eaton’s BIM models for distribution products.

“BIM is already widely used by architects,” said John O’Brien, Associate Director for Electrical Design at A&B Engineering, “but until recently, support from suppliers of electrical equipment has been limited. However, Eaton is now addressing this issue and is releasing excellent BIM information for its products. We can readily use this in our projects instead of having to go through the time-consuming process of generating our own BIM models.”

“The currently available Eaton BIM models principally cover distribution products such as the popular Memshield 3 distribution and panel boards, but Eaton is adding new models all the time and, now we understand cover lighting and safety products. We are convinced that BIM is the future for building design, and the support for BIM that Eaton is now providing will be invaluable.”

Eaton is offering its BIM models as free-of-charge downloads to customers who register on the BIM page of its website ( The files are supplied in Autodesk Revit format, which can be used with packages from all leading suppliers of BIM-compatible software.

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