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evohome securityThe cost of UK retail crime has soared to a record £613million, with an average cost of £6,000 per business1. Worryingly, experts believe this is just a small percentage of many unreported incidents which take place each year.

Therefore, it’s vital that business owners are securing their properties with suitable security systems to help combat these alarming statistics. Here, Emma Segelov from Honeywell discusses how smart, wireless security systems can provide both a flexible security solution, and an upsell opportunity to installers.

Recent statistics show that the number of UK small businesses has increased year on year since 2012, with almost 5.7million private sector companies established nationwide2. And, this number is only set to grow, with one in ten British workers reporting that they would like to own their own enterprise. 3

As many small businesses are operating on the fringes of profitability4 , keeping goods and services safe is of the utmost importance. Consequently, the introduction, and maintenance, of security measures are essential.

According to the Federation of Small Business (FSB), just over two-thirds (38 per cent) of SMEs are not reporting crimes against their business, as they fear it would not lead to successful prosecution. These statistics are strengthened by recent Metropolitan Police figures, which show the number of ‘low level’ crimes are on the rise, with house burglaries up 21 per cent and muggings up by eight per cent.5 However, the threat of crime is not lost on SME owners, as it was reported two-fifths (41 per cent) of businesses installed or upgraded a security system in 2016.6

Whilst the level of crime against UK businesses - both reported and not – is concerning, it illustrates the possible opportunities in this sector for installers. The ability to provide security recommendations, whilst working on the electrics of a premises can mean an easy upsell. Given that most security systems are quick and simple to install, there is minimal inconvenience to the customer, and only a small time investment required from the installer.

With smart-based products transforming the way SMEs operate, installers will likely find that smart product recommendations will prove most popular. As many SME owners run their businesses through smart devices, they will appreciate being able to operate their security system through the same means.

evohome kitThe smart alarms currently available such as Honeywell’s evohome security are generally centred on a hub which allows devices to be connected. These systems are often modular, where business owners can tailor them to suit their property. This provides an ongoing opportunity for installers to continually upsell, as additional elements can easily be added to a system.

While basic wireless smart security systems can be set up to include core elements, such as internal sirens, PIR cameras and motion sensors, more intricate options can be introduced such as additional sensors, alerting an owner to any broken glass.

Units also offer peace of mind thanks to a GPRS SIM card in the hub. This means that should the broadband fail, or if a building is based in an area at risk of intermissions, the alarm will continue to have access to the internet, ensuring a continued smart system around the clock.

APP CONTROLEvohome security enables SME owners to modernise their security system, with added benefits such as cameras that can take snapshots when an alarm is activated.

With a real need for improved security systems, from an initial installation to the expansion of a business, these smart, wireless systems offer the perfect opportunity for installers to continually upsell and protect their customers’ businesses.


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