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Carlo Gavazzi Adds 150° PIR Detector for Intelligent Control of Movement and Presence

SHA4P150 150° PIRCarlo Gavazzi has increased its product range by adding a 150° PIR presence and movement detector to its popular smart-house range for building automation.

The SHA4P150 wall mounted PIR Sensor has a 150° detection angle providing a 10 metre detection range for zone occupancy sensing.  These sensors are available in 2 sizes 44mmx44mm and 55mmx55mm, and have been designed to fit into popular frames from the following manufacturers: Legrand, Niko, Biticino (44mm) and also Jung Elko and Gira (55mm). The SHA4P150 offers a solution for commercial and residential applications for zone occupancy to control lighting and heating in rooms, corridors and stairways.

No external power feed is required as all power is supplied by the Dupline® bus, programmable white and blue LED’s indicate presence and movement detection and is available with an optional built in Lux meter which has a measuring range of 0-20k lux.  The sensor can be programmed using four parameters: mode of detection (presence or motion) the crossing of active zones, sensitivity, and the number of pulses and the time window in which these pulses are detected.

The smart-house system allows heating, lighting and appliances to be managed automatically to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and therefore cost, while maintaining comfort levels.  A complete range of sensors and control products such as dimmer and relays are available to provide a complete control solution, and all are connected using just two wires running throughout the building on the popular Dupline® bus back to the central controller. This low-voltage control wiring is inherently safe, easy to install, and allows new features to be easily added in the future. Outdoor equipment such as garden lighting can also be connected, for centralised control of the entire premises.

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