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The Future Is Wireless With ESP

ez wfWith wireless technology emerging as one of the security industry’s fastest growing market segments, leading supplier, ESP, is already developing products that will offer wireless solutions.

The company has just launched the brand new EZ-WF Wirefree Video Signal Link, which is designed to provide a stable digital wire-free solution for the transmission of a video signal, where a cable run would be expensive or troublesome.  

Ideal for domestic or commercial applications, installation of the WZ-WF is easy.  The transmitter and receiver come as factory ‘paired’, which means there is no setting up required.   As the housings are IP66 rated they are suitable for exterior usage - very advantageous for obtaining maximum transmission distances.  

The wireless transmitter accepts a signal from the camera whilst also providing a wired output for a local monitor or test monitor. The wireless receiver - with an operational range of up to 150m - provides two separate video outputs both with audio if required.   

The EZ-WF comes packaged as a kit and includes power supplies.

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