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Seaward Apollo Series Sets New PAT Standards

Electrical appliance testingSeaward’s latest generation portable appliance testers establish a new approach to electrical safety testing.

The Apollo 600 brings new features to extend the capability and performance of the previous Seaward PrimeTest 350 PAT tester and is complemented by the new Apollo 500, introduced as the successor to the highly regarded Seaward Europa.

Both the new Apollo testers, alongside the latest PATGuard 3 test data management software, are designed to comply with the latest best practice advice on maintaining a risk based approach to maintaining workplace safety.

Leading the new range is the Apollo 600, a multi-purpose PAT tester with an on board digital camera to capture images for inclusion in risk and inspection records; when used with PATGuard 3 software it provides unrivalled results management including photographs for visual evidence.

The Apollo 500 has the same range of PAT tests as the Apollo 600, but does not include a camera, and is designed for dedicated plug and play electrical testing, both testers incorporate all of the safety tests recommended by the latest IET Code of Practice, including for permanently connected and 3 phase electrical equipment.

The Apollo series testers include all of the electrical safety tests required by the IET Code of Practice including, earth continuity, insulation resistance at 250V or 500V, protective conductor current, touch current, IEC lead polarity and portable RCD trip time, without the risk of tripping the installation RCD.

In addition to testing plug in appliances, the Apollo is fully equipped to test permanently connected and 3 phase electrical equipment as required by the new Code of Practice.

The new Apollo testers can be used with battery or mains power and include a built-in risk assessment tool and suggested re-test interval calculator and for easy results storage, Bluetooth and USB connections are included as well as the ability to transfer data remotely using a mobile phone or tablet.

A range of compatible accessory bundles including printers, labels, barcode scanners and PATGuard 3 software are also available.

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