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Pentair Completes Raychem 40-year Anniversary Campaign With Formula E Finale

Raychem 40-year Anniversary CampaignPentair’s Thermal Building Solutions reached the finish line of its Raychem 40-year anniversary campaign with the final Formula E race in London in June 2015.

The campaign started in September 2014 and was dedicated to Pentair’s innovative self-regulating technology under its established Raychem brand. Pentair coincided this with the Formula E races worldwide and held events, online games, competitions and promotions to develop a closer relationship and collaboration with its global customer base.

“The thought behind Raychem’s anniversary was to celebrate the past, embrace the future and share innovative ideas with the customers,” says Valerie Dillen, Global Marketing Communications Manager Thermal Building Solutions. “Formula E is a revolutionary concept; as self-regulating technology was 40 years ago. Therefore, we decided to match these events together to create an electrifying and engaging campaign for our users – Pole Position. One of the objectives was to thank Pentair’s customers for their loyalty and support over the years by celebrating with them at events. Another goal was to highlight the innovations we are working on today and take a look into the future.”

As part of this initiative, Pentair also invited customers, installers, engineers and distributors to submit their bright ideas to Open Innovation Awards to make Raychem products even easier to use. A large number of suggestions were submitted, from which only five were shortlisted. The winner, Francisco Saavedra from GA Fleet New York, was rewarded with a cheque for $3,500 for presenting his ideas to test new HWAT installations. Its simplicity and ingenuity impressed the judging panel, and the next step will be to investigate this proposal further in Pentair’s Technology and Product Management groups.

Valerie Dillen comments: “Our Pole Position campaign has been a great success and we’ve received excellent feedback. It brought together close to 2,000 customers from all over the world, whether they took part in online games and contests or visited the races and joined us in presenting our achievements and innovations in self-regulating technology. This extensive engagement has created closer relationships and opportunities for more collaboration in the future. We’re proud of our Raychem legacy and look forward to bringing new innovations to the market together with our customers. We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the 40-year anniversary celebration, played online, submitted ideas and visited our events. We’ll be working closely with the winner of the Open Innovation Awards and our product teams to develop more reliable and efficient heat-tracing solutions to revolutionise the industry in the future once again.”

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