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Mitsubishi Electric Contracts Advanced 365 to Deliver its Most Innovative European Project to Date

Mitsubishi Electric Europe has contracted application development specialist, Advanced 365 (Advanced), to deliver a project that will enable customers to control their heating and air conditioning systems remotely via tablets, Smartphones , PCs and Macs.

The first phase of the project will focus on heating systems with the second phase concentrating on air conditioning systems. Both phases will go live across Europe in 2013.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe is the world leader in air conditioning systems and its Living Environmental Systems department, which has a turnover of £140 million, is one of the fastest growing of the corporation’s 22 divisions. The department selected Advanced to complete the ambitious project following a tendering process which involved four companies.

Advanced will develop an application, which will transfer data from the Wi-Fi enabled air-conditioning or heating system to a central data warehouse (also built by Advanced). Engineers and customers will be able to access this information via a web page, application or mobile device and control and modify the system remotely, using customer-friendly dashboard technology.

Iain Blazey, Technology Services Manager, Living Environmental Systems, Mitsubishi Electric UK says, “We chose Advanced for this project because they can develop the exact solution we require. We’ve worked with Advanced for the last nine years and the company has always delivered excellent solutions and services, well within time and budget.”

Using the Advanced technology, customers will be provided with greater flexibility to control their home heating and air conditioning systems, wherever they are in the world. If, for example a customer wants to extend a holiday, they have the ability to control the temperature of their house while they are away. Similarly, if they forget to turn the heating on or off, they can do this remotely.

Customers will be able to achieve greater cost savings by having real-time insight into energy consumption and the associated costs. They will also be able to more effectively manage the environmental impacts of their systems. As well as being able to adjust temperature controls, they will have the ability to gather and view data on their own handset or tablet, helping them to understand how their systems operate.

Blazey says, “We are always looking to enhance the customer experience and this project will do exactly that. Advanced’s technology is tipped to be the most sophisticated on the market, revolutionising the way our customers control their systems. This is Mitsubishi’s most innovative project across Europe right now.”

Mitsubishi Electric will be looking to roll-out the Advanced technology to other areas in the home such as home entertainment and kitchen appliances once the heating and air conditioning project has been successfully completed.

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