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Nexans Rolls Out Green Wooden Cable Drum Return Programme

The drum return programme is the latest phase in Nexans‘s packaging Purchasing green initiative, launched in 2010, when it became the world’s first cable manufacturer to upgrade to drums holding the PEFCTM certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Now Nexans’ Green Drums hold both PEFC (for Europe) and FSC (Worldwide) certifications.

The drum return programme, with its focus on customer orientation and providing value creation within Nexans, is part of the most advanced packaging initiatives in the cable industry.

Already, over 280,000 of the drums that Nexans uses to dispatch electrical cables to its worldwide customer base have been collected and reused between one to five times over the past years. These drums represent more than 35% of yearly total drums used worldwide by Nexans, and a saving of more than 94,000 m³ of lumber, which approximates 100.000 uncut trees (45 hectares of forest) saved every year.

“Nexans has always reused its cable drums where possible. The vital difference with this new initiative is that we are working proactively with our customers to set up economical and efficient processes to maximize the return and reuse rate,” says Pascal Portevin, Nexans Senior Corporate Executive Vice President. “Changing the view of cable drums from a one-shot, non-returnable item into a reusable asset is a win-win situation all round. Naturally, it saves trees and the amount of waste going to landfills. It also saves on storage space and disposal costs for our customers, and ultimately savings on the purchasing cost of new drums”.


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