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New Website Calculates Savings from Voltis Home

Recently launched by British energy management specialist Marshall-Tufflex, the website gives full details of how and why voltage optimisation works plus the level of savings householders may expect to achieve from Voltis Home. The site also provides electrical contractors with technical information and lists electrical wholesalers stocking the units.

“This new website explains the concept of voltage optimisation to domestic customers and shows what Voltis Home can achieve for them,” said Jeremy Dodge, Head of Marketing & Technical Services at Marshall-Tufflex. “It also gives electrical contractors technical information, installation diagrams and product details in a clear and concise manner, enabling them to market Voltis Home to their clients.”

Voltis Home can cut domestic electricity bills by up to 17%. Installation is straight forward, taking a registered electrician about one hour to fit the system between an electricity meter and consumer unit. The ‘intelligent operation’ system is rated to a market-leading 60Amps (approx 13kW), which means all domestic equipment can be connected to the one system, including lights, electric heating, electric showers and cookers.

Why Voltis Home works is a simple case of supply and demand. UK voltage is supplied at around 240Volts. Electrical equipment works most efficiently at around 220Volts. This over-supply of energy not only costs money, it substantially reduces the lifespan of domestic appliances. Voltis Home ‘optimises’ the power supplied to appliances to around 220Volts. In short users no longer pay for electricity they don’t need, don’t use and which ‘wears out’ appliances


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