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Save 10 Seconds Per Identified Cable With The Brady Wraptor A6500

Wraptor A6500Brady Corporation's new Wraptor A6500 Wire Identification Printer Applicator can significantly increase production output by identifying cables with wrap-around labels in 5 seconds.

The Wraptor automatically prints and applies the label on a wide range of insertable cables, saving up to 10 seconds per identified cableIncreased efficiency

The Wraptor A6500 is a great tool to control manufacturing cost and enhance identification quality by automatically printing and applying labels. It identifies cables in 5 seconds, eliminates the need to print labels in advance and the time needed to apply them by hand. The Wraptor´s technology enables 300 dpi prints for barcodes, logos and diagrams, and a tight label wrap around the wire, with minimal bubbling or wrinkling.

Easy to use
Without any adjustments, the Wraptor A6500 can identify cables from 1.52 mm up to 15.24 mm in diameter and apply labels with varying widths up to 50.8 mm, and lengths between 19.05 mm and 76.20 mm. Its full colour touch screen and modern user interface further increase the Wraptor's ease of use while USB-ports and ethernet connectivity make the Wraptor practical to implement in a variety of production environments. Coupled with Brady Workstation apps for easy label design, barcoding and serialisation, the Wraptor becomes a highly practical process efficiency increaser, even more so because it can be integrated with Schleuniger Cut & Strip Machines.

Durable cable labels
Brady Wraptor A6500The Wraptor A6500 is designed to quickly apply Brady's durable B-427 self-laminating vinyl and B-499 nylon cloth wrap-around cable labels designed to last even in challenging industrial environments. The self-laminating label offers excellent abrasion, fuel and oil resistance, great outdoor durability, has self-extinguishing properties and is available in multiple colours. The nylon cloth wrap-around label offers abrasion, fuel, oil, dirt, heat, cold and chemical resistance. Complete technical data sheets for both labels are available.


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