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M1DL-MID Digital Energy Meter – 1 Phase With MID Certification

M1DL MIDThe M1DL-MID is a single phase digital Din rail mounted energy meter for the measurement of active energy in residential, commercial, light industrial areas.

This energy meter is intended for direct connection to the network and is certified class B under the EN 50470-1 and 50470-3 standards. The reading is shown on a 7 digit LED display.

mid approvedThere are multiple reasons why you would want to use an energy meter. Those listed below are just some of these reasons.

•    You may wish to measure energy consumption to monitor and control invoicing

•    Camping and caravan sites that offer power may want to monitor and charge for the power used by the customer.

•    Shopping centres may wish to monitor and charge if the energy used of individual units.

•    Offices, student accommodation, airports, marinas may all want to monitor areas or units to understand the energy use or for charging customers where this is only one official billing meter available and where partial energy meters are required.


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