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Lewden’s PMRCD Interlocked Sockets Make A Safer Connection

protected socketLewden Palazzoli’s range of PMRCD interlocked sockets have been designed to make a stronger and safer connection.   

The standard and RCD interlocked sockets, have been designed for maximum safety, reliability, durability and ease of installation and incorporate a sensitive safety device for RCD protection that switch off automatically should there be a fault to avoid the risk of injury or fatality.
Lewden’s PMRCD interlocked sockets combine a padlock-able rotary isolation switch with a receptacle, in one compact unit.  A highly visible mechanical interlock prevents making or breaking of the electrical circuit under load conditions by not allowing the isolator to be switched on until a mating plug has been fully inserted, nor the plug withdrawn until the isolator has been switched off.

The PMRCD units are available in 16, 32, 63 and 125A along with 110, 230 and 400 voltage in two and three pole configurations.  The units have been incorporated into a variety of Lewden’s product ranges including topTER, TAIS, Prima, Ulysse and Alupres.  All are in compliant with IEC/EN standards.


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