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New Megger Low-resistance Ohmmeter Is Versatile, Tough And Easy To Use

dlro10dxThe new DLRO10HDX digital low-resistance ohmmeter, which is the latest addition to Megger’s popular and successful DLRO10 range, offers exceptional versatility with no fewer than five test modes.

Yet it is also easy to use, as all major functions are selected using rotary controls. In addition, the instrument has a rugged impact-resistant case that provides IP54 protection while measurements are being made, and IP65 protection when the lid is closed.

Other key benefits of the innovative DLRO10HDX include an on-board memory that holds up to 200 test results, the ability to operate from an internal rechargeable battery or mains power, and a choice of high and low power test modes. The instrument also has a high compliance voltage, which allows it to deliver 10 A into test objects with resistance up to 250 mΩ, and 1 A into test objects with resistance up to 2.5 Ω. Test duration can be up to 60 seconds at full rated current.

For safety and convenience, the DLRO10HDX incorporates protection against accidental connection to live circuits up to 600 V without blowing a fuse. The instrument also has a live-circuit warning light and, with the optional terminal cover fitted, it is rated CAT III 300 V in line with IEC 61010.

Applications for the DLRO10HDX extend from measuring the resistance of joints in busbar systems to checking the electrical continuity of railway lines and verifying the integrity of welds in aircraft body components. The five operating modes of the DLRO10HDX have been carefully formulated to support this wide range of functionality.

In normal mode, the test is initiated by pressing the test button. The instrument checks that the current and voltage connections are correctly made, then carries out forward and reverse measurements before displaying the average result. Automatic mode is similar, but the test starts as soon as the test connections are made.

Automatic unidirectional mode applies the test voltage in one direction, only to speed up measurements when no thermal EMFs are present, while continuous mode allows repeated measurements to be made on the same sample. The inductive mode is ideal for making measurements on motors and generators, where time is needed for the test voltage to stabilise before the measurement is finalised.

To complement its new DLRO10HDX digital low-resistance ohmmeter, Megger offers a comprehensive selection of test leads up to 30 m long with the option of standard or Kelvin-clamp connectors. The range also includes test leads with interchangeable terminations, which means that just one set of test leads can be used for a wide variety of applications.


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