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Vent-Axia’s New Wall Kit Makes Ventilation Installation Simple

Internal Fit Wall KitLeading British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia, has launched a new innovative Internal Fit Wall Kit for 100mm through-the-wall ventilation installations.  

Designed to be installed entirely from the inside of a property, the Wall Kit reduces installation time and removes the need for costly and time consuming external grille fitting involving scaffolding or ladders. No matter what the height or what the weather, this wall kit is quick, easy and safe to install.

Ideal for high-rise buildings, first floor bathrooms or applications not readily accessible from the outside, the Wall Kit has been designed to simplify ventilation installation. To install the Wall Kit installers simply push the Internal Fit Wall Kit through a hole from the inside of the building; a fixed external grille is then deployed with three pins which hold the Wall Kit securely in place; the external grille and seal can then be pulled back against the external wall so a tight fit can be achieved. This clever design means installers do not need to reach through the entire length of the wall tube to secure the external grille since the spring pins offer an easy fit locking mechanism.

Suitable for intermittent and continuous running fans, due to its low resistance external grille, the Wall Kit can be used with a wide range of 100mm fans. Plus the Wall Kit’s extendable wall tube means it can be used in a wider range of properties than other traditional kits since it accommodates wall thicknesses from 225mm up to 390mm with no need for cutting to length.

“Installers will be impressed with how quick and simple the wall kit is to install. As the installation takes place entirely within the property, it eliminates the risk of dropping grilles from height” says Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “The Kit is also incredibly versatile, being suitable for differing wall thicknesses and fan types, including those with and without integral shutters.”

Further simplifying installation the Vent-Axia Wall Kit comes with two screw positions to secure the wall kit in place. This feature removes the risk of accidentally rotating the tube, and therefore the louvered grille, or the tube being pushed too far into the wall, causing the external grille to stand proud of the wall. Meanwhile, the external rubber seal covers up break-out from the external hole and provides water ingress protection, resulting in a neat and secure installation.

Plus Vent-Axia’s wall kit has an optional backdraught shutter model for use with fans that do not have integral shutters, this is especially useful in high rise or exposed applications. In addition, the Wall Kit is also suitable to be used as a passive air grille in passive ventilation. Furthermore, since the Wall Kit does not require scaffolding it is a huge time and cost saving for installers while improving safety on site.


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