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New Voltage Proving Tool Sources Stable AC and DC for Verification of Electrical Testers, DMMs and Clamp Meters

PRV240 Voltage Proving UnitFluke has introduced a new battery powered electronic voltage source that sources both AC and DC voltages for test tool verification.

The new Fluke PRV240 Voltage Proving Unit, with a recommended retail price of £99.99, can be used to test both high and low impedance digital multimeters, clamp meters and Two Pole Testers. It provides a stable, fixed output voltage to properly assess correct operation of many types of electrical tester, clamp meters and multimeters. Verification of a test tool is recommended by both GS38 and NFPA 70E before any live measurements are made.

The Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit is an easy-to-use product for electricians, commercial or industrial technicians, HVAC technicians or anyone working remotely who needs access to a voltage source to verify their tool is working correctly. The PRV240 is the ideal solution for electricians, environmental health and safety managers, plant safety officers (for example at oil & gas and chemical processing plants), facilities managers and other managers concerned with electrical safety and compliance.

The PRV240 comes with a TPAK magnetic hanging strap for convenient operation. It has re-chargeable internal battery power sufficient to perform 5000 verification tests.


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