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The Convenient Way To Measure Earth Leakage With The Megger DCM300E

DCM300E clamp meterThe latest DCM300E clamp meter from portable test equipment expert Megger provides a fast and convenient way of measuring earth leakage current in low-voltage electrical installations.

As well as being a useful aid for confirming installation safety, the instrument is also an invaluable tool for solving nuisance-tripping problems with residual current devices (RCDs) and residual current circuit breakers (RCBOs).

While its primary function is to measure earth leakage currents as small as a fraction of a milliamp, Megger’s DCM300E also has high current ranges up to 300 A. This means that it is a useful option for making rapid and accurate current measurements in AC circuits of all kinds. The instrument’s clamp construction means that it is not necessary to make any electrical connection to the circuit under test, greatly increasing safety and convenience for the user.

Versatile and easy to use, Megger’s clamp meter has four current ranges: 30 mA, 300 mA, 30 A and 300 A with a minimum resolution of 0,01 mA on the
30 mA range. In addition, its data hold feature is particularly useful where there are problems of accessibility or poor lighting, as readings can be saved for later retrieval.

The DCM300E meets the latest EN61010-2-32 safety design standards and EMC requirements. Safety is further enhanced by the incorporation of a tactile barrier that significantly reduces the possibility of a short circuit between live conductors, and also protects the operator against electric shock. In addition, the instrument meets CAT III safety requirements for voltages up to 500 V phase-to-phase and 300 V phase-to-earth.

Although it is pocket sized, weighing a mere 125 g, the DCM300E has a jaw opening capacity of approximately 40 mm making it easy to use in wide variety of applications, even with large cables and busbars.


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