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Megger Offers the Safer Option for High Current Testing

DCM1500A large jaw aperture, which provides enhanced operator safety when making measurements on busbars and other uninsulated conductors, is one of the key benefits of the new DCM1500 high current clampmeter from portable test equipment expert Megger.

The instrument also features a tactile barrier below the jaws, which further increases safety by ensuring a safe working distance between the user’s hands and the conductor while measurements are being made. However, personal protection is still recommended.

While primarily designed for measuring AC and DC current up to 1,500 A, the versatile DCM1500 also offers facilities for measuring AC voltage up to 750 V, DC voltage up to 1,000 V, frequency from 20 to 400 Hz and for checking continuity up to 400 Ω. This makes it ideal for use when installing, maintaining and fault finding on a wide range of commercial and industrial power systems.

The DC capabilities of the instrument further extend its range of applications to include tests on systems for domestic power generation from solar panels and wind turbines, battery monitoring, electric vehicle servicing, lift maintenance, UPS commissioning, and servicing of installations.

A further important benefit of the DCM1500 is that it uses true RMS measuring techniques to eliminate the errors that occur when traditional average-sensing clampmeters are used to make measurements on the non-sinusoidal waveforms that are often produced by today’s complex loads.

The instrument features a large numeric display complemented by a high-resolution digital bargraph, and the display is backlit to aid readability in poor lighting conditions. Peak, min/max and data hold options are also provided, along with a REL function. When this function is used, a stable current reading can be stored and the instrument zeroed to this value, enabling any variations to be directly measured and displayed.

Megger’s new DCM1500 high-current clampmeter is safety rated to IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600 V and is resistant to damage when dropped from a height of up to 1.2 m onto a hard surface. It is supplied with test leads and a carry case, and has a full 12-month warranty.


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