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Megger Delivers 15 kV Insulation Testing for Tough Environments

S1-1568 test setBringing the benefits of 15 kV DC insulation resistance testing to challenging environments such as HV transmission and distribution substations, Megger’s new S1-1568 test sets combine class-leading noise rejection of 8 mA – twice that of most comparable instruments – with user selectable software filtering and the ability to make accurate and dependable measurements up to 35 TΩ.

The 15 kV capability of the new S1-1568 insulation resistance test sets means that they can be used to demonstrate compliance with the growing number of standards that specify this test voltage. These include, for example, NETA MTS-1997 Table 10.1, applicable to maximum voltage rating of equipment, NETA ATS 2007 Section 7.15.1 for medium-voltage motors, and IEC 60229 2007 for electric cables with a special protective function.

Other key features of Megger’s S1-1568 test sets include a high short-circuit current capability of 6 mA which saves time by ensuring rapid charging of items under tests, internal fast-charge Li-ion batteries to facilitate operation away from mains supply sources, and provision for full remote operation via a galvanically isolated USB port.

The remote operation facility, which is complemented by internal storage for time-stamped results, means that when measurements need to be made in hazardous environments users can, after connecting the instrument, conduct the test from a safe area. The remote operation and results storage capabilities also make the instruments an excellent choice for use in production environments where they can be controlled automatically by the production equipment.
The exceptional noise rejection performance of the S1-1568 instruments has not only been demonstrated in the laboratory but has also been unequivocally confirmed by field tests. Accurate and repeatable results were, for example, easily obtained in a working 765 kV substation where no other insulation resistance test set had ever operated satisfactorily.

The new S1-1568 instruments offer IR, timed IR, DAR, PI, DD, SV and ramp diagnostic tests, making them suitable for an exceptionally wide range of applications. Despite their versatility, the new instruments are fast and simple to operate – their intuitive user interface allows all major functions to be selected with two rotary controls, and a large backlit display allows multiple results to be shown simultaneously.

As with all Megger instruments, operational safety is built in - all terminals of the S1-1568 have a CAT IV 1000 V safety rating at altitudes up to 4,000 m. and the test leads supplied with the instrument feature insulated clips that are specifically designed for 15 kV creepage paths. Compact and lightweight, the instruments feature a tough dual-case design and, with the lid closed, they have an IP65 ingress protection rating.

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