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Megger Launches All-in-one Transformer Insulation Testing

IDAX350 insulation diagnostic analyserThe new IDAX350 insulation diagnostic analyser from Megger integrates, in a single compact instrument, everything needed to carry out fast, accurate and comprehensive insulation condition assessment of power transformers, bushings, generators and cables.

Housed in a robust enclosure with a convenient carrying handle, the IDAX 350 is an ideal one-box solution for on-site applications, but its accuracy and versatility also make it an attractive choice for in-house use.

The new instrument incorporates the proven test circuitry of Megger’s popular IDAX300 instruments, and a powerful computer with a large colour touchscreen. Together, these provide all of the functionality needed for automated analysis – in a single test – of moisture content, oil conductivity and tan delta. The tests can be carried out over a wide temperature range, and tan delta values, as well as oil conductivity, are automatically individually corrected by the instrument to reference temperatures of 20º and 25°C respectively.

A typical test to determine the moisture content in the insulation of a power transformer, which is a key indicator of future reliability and performance, takes only about 22 minutes, (1 mHz). The tests yields far more information than traditional tan delta testing at power frequency, and make it possible, for example, to discriminate between a dry transformer with bad oil and a wet transformer with good oil.

The new IDAX350 uses true frequency domain measurement techniques that maximise interference rejection, ensuring that it gives fast and dependable results even in electrically noisy environments such as substations and switchyards. As further aids to convenience and time saving, the IDAX350 features input circuitry that supports multiple test modes without the need to change test lead connections, and an extra current input channel that allows two completely independent measurements to be carried out simultaneously.

While Megger’s new IDAX350 insulation diagnostic analyser has an integrated computer, it can also operate in conjunction with an external PC, should this be preferred by the user. In either case, Megger’s specially developed software uses advanced modelling techniques and curve matching to produce dependable and easy-to-interpret results that include percentage moisture in solid insulation, and individually temperature corrected tan delta and oil conductivity values.

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