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Network Test Made Easy and Affordable for Contractors

NET200 network qualification testerEase of use, comprehensive test capabilities and exceptionally competitive pricing make the new NET200 network qualification tester from Megger an ideal choice for electrical contractors wishing to extend their capabilities in the fast-growing and potentially lucrative network installation sector.

And an extra benefit is that the NET200 is supplied as a kit with a complete set of testing cables and adaptors – there are no extras to buy.

The NET200 features a clear and logical user interface with a simple menu system that makes it easy even for inexperienced users to access and implement the tests they require. In addition, many of the most frequently used operations are initiated with just one or two button pushes.

A further aid to speed and convenience in testing is a customisable auto-test function. Unlike the auto-test function on instruments from other suppliers, which usually have fixed test sequences, the auto-test function provided by the NET200 allows users to define their own test sequence, and to execute this automatically whenever they wish.

Despite its very competitive price and its ease of use, Megger’s NET200 offers a uniquely wide range of test functions. Primarily designed for use on 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX and 1000 BASE-T Ethernet networks, the NET200 uses round-trip time testing to measure network speed under dynamic and static configuration protocols, and IP scanning to show information about all of the terminals connected to the local network. It can also evaluate the capability of link connections, including their supported network speed (10 BASE-T and 100 BASE-T) and their suitability for full- and half-duplex operation.

In addition, the instrument provides detailed information about the physical characteristics of the cable under test, including cable length, locations of any short- or open-circuit faults, and an invaluable wire map showing open, short, split, crossed and reversed connections.

Also incorporated in this versatile instrument are novel high-resolution time-domain reflectometer (TDR) and time-domain crosstalk (TDX) functions. These functions make it possible for users to rapidly locate fault conditions in cables up to 500 m in length. In addition to standard network cables, the TDR and TDX functions can also be used with other types of cable, such as co-axial cables for cable TV and HFC networks, and telephone cables.

Provision is made for internal storage of test results, including TDR waveforms, which can then be downloaded to a PC via the instrument’s serial port. Once transferred to a PC, the results can easily be incorporated into reports with the aid of the NET200 emulation software supplied.

Comparative evaluations have shown that with its four-second boot time and typical four-second time to complete an autotest sequence, the NET200 is among the fastest instruments in its class. Its advanced algorithms mean that is also a class-leader for accuracy, and its robust construction guarantees a long reliable working life, even for instruments that are used regularly in tough operating environments.

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