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Eaton’s Bussmann Lines Up New Range of AC Surge Protection Devices

Eaton Bussman SPD rangeEaton’s Bussmann business is launching a new, more comprehensive range of AC surge protectiion devices (SPD) for IEC electrical systems.

Designed for a broad range of applications and wiring earth protection configurations, the line up offers high performance characteristics designed to combat damaging electrical surges, overvoltages and transients.

Certified to EN 61643-11 and IEC 61643-1 the new range of SPDs is suitable for use in system voltages from 75V AC up to 580V AC. With protection levels Type 1, Type 1&2 and Type 2 the devices use a combination of metal oxide varistor (MOV) and spark-gap technology to ‘clamp’ the voltage, and divert transient voltage surges to earth. Manufactured from tough thermoplastic, the SPDs can be used in most environments with an operational temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.

For increased operational efficiencies, the modular designs feature integrated fault indication which turns from green to red, visually alerting the operator to whether or not the device has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced with a new module. Replacement units are available in each voltage and feature a module locking system with release buttons, saving both time and money by eliminating the need for tools and simplifying replacement. This swift exchange of parts ensures that the system is protected which prevents industrial downtime or periods when the electrical equipment is left vulnerable to further voltage surges.

When SPDs are located in different areas of a facility or in hard to reach places, the optional add-on auxiliary switch transmits a signal into the operators monitoring system to clearly indicate that the specific device needs to be changed when visual identification is not practical. The signalling occurs instantaneously when the device has expired, providing an up to date status of the system to ensure that maintenance can be carried out and the equipment is secure against future strikes.

Surge protection is essential to protect the myriad of commercial and industrial electronic products that are susceptible to damage from overvoltage surges. Such voltage spikes or surges are typically caused by static discharge, lightning strike, tripped circuit breakers, short-circuits, lighting switching, AC motor starting/stopping, power outages, power transitions, storm-damaged powerlines and electromagnetic pulses.

The result can be cumulative equipment damage, possible premature failure, expensive system resets and downtime, plus essential data loss. It can even result, especially from lightning strike, in catastrophic equipment failure.  Surge protection products from  Bussmann help assure power quality free from damaging surges and overvoltage conditions.

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