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New Unit Combines USB Power/Charging with 13 AMP Switched Socket

Contactum USB SocketNew from Contactum is an innovative combined USB connection power/charger with 13 Amp Switched socket in one unit.

Exceptionally convenient and space-saving, the new unit can be used to directly charge or power up to two USB devices simultaneously while also offering access to a 13 amp British Standard 3-pin socket. The unit is equally suited for new installations or for retrofitting to replace any existing 2G socket.

The twin USB outlets are ideally suited for use with most mobile devices such as mobile phones, touch screen tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and hand held game consoles. They are also fully compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Contactum say that the new USB Switched Socket offers distinct advantages over the more readily available modular designs on the market and will therefore have a wide appeal to architects, designers and electrical installers, for use in applications including offices, homes, hotels ,schools & colleges.

Neil Clydesdale, Managing Director, says, ‘We expect a great deal of interest in our new USB Switched Socket. The market for USB powered devices is growing massively, and the convenience of just being able to plug the USB connector directly into a wall socket is obvious. At the same time, by including a 13 amp socket in the same unit, we’re allowing users simultaneous access to a conventional plug if and when required’.

Offering world class manufacturing, in a state of the art production manufacturing facility, Contactum continue to grow as part of the Alfanar Group.

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