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New Single Function 17th Edition Installation Testers From Robin Amprobe

kmp series testersRobin, one of the most famous brands within the UK electrical testing arena and now partnered with Amprobe, is offering new single-function 17th Edition Installation Testers specifically designed for the UK electrical market.

These include the Robin Amprobe KMP7020 and KMP7021 Digital RCD Testers, the Robin Amprobe KMP 7030 Earth Loop Impedance Tester, the Robin Amprobe KMP7036 Insulation-Continuity Tester and the Robin Amprobe KMP7010 Ground Resistance Tester. The 702x and 703x units are also available as combination 17th Edition Robin Amprobe 17A and 17B Test Kits, three single testers supplied complete with a carry case.

Robin-Amprobe offers a wide range of cost-effective, innovative test equipment specifically designed to make the electrician’s job faster and easier. This also includes a range of dual and multifunction 17th Edition Installation Testers specifically designed for the UK electrical market. Robin Amprobe products are sold and supported by a wide range of dealers and are backed up by a professional support service.

Robin, renowned for electrical testing products at affordable prices, is now partnered with Amprobe, one of the most famous test equipment brands in the United States and Germany. Amprobe, throughout the last 50+ years, has become synonymous with clamp-on meters. Now with over 250 items in its product offering, Amprobe has become an established leader in quality test equipment. This vast array of products, plus the incorporation of the Robin electrical range, means the UK electrician has a one-stop shop for quality, value-priced products which include 17th Edition Installation Testers, Voltage Detectors, Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Thermometers and Cable Locators - one of the largest ranges available to the electrical contractor and engineer.

More information about all Robin Amprobe products can be obtained from local wholesalers and distributors.


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