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New Boiler Energy Management System from Apex Energy UK

Intelligent Boiler Energy Management SystemThe new intelligent Boiler Energy Management System (iBEMS) from Apex Energy UK provides up to 20% savings.

The Apex iBEMS unit is quick and easy-to-install by electrical contractors and engineers, reducing the problem of dry or short-cycling in commercial gas, oil and LPG boilers with an output of ≥30KW/100,000 BTU. This is caused when a boiler fires to compensate for a reduction in core temperature brought on by ‘standing losses’, regardless of whether or not there is a genuine demand for heating.

Typically, heat lost through a boiler casing is 2% with a further 18% lost through the flue – although these ‘standing losses’ can be higher if the boiler has been significantly oversized at the design stage.

Maintenance free and cost effective, the Apex iBEMS can be retrofitted in less than one hour alongside existing building management systems and HVAC control and temperature sensors to monitor electricity and minimise waste.

The system constantly monitors system flow and return temperatures without relying on fixed values – Apex’s advanced system assurance protocol (SAP) utilises intelligent technology to ensure genuine heating requirements are recognised and savings maximised without compromising levels of warmth and comfort.

Apex estimates a return on investment can be achieved within two years.

The unit can achieve energy cost savings for nursing homes and sheltered accommodation, public houses and restaurants, hotels and guest houses, office and commercial premises, retail and industrial applications, hospitals and schools and public buildings and leisure centres and can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified engineer.

The iBEMS is housed in a tough, impact resistant aluminium enclosure and state-of-the-art features include a clear, easy-to-understand LCD screen indicating mode, status, percentage savings and flow and return system temperatures, a by-pass switch for service and maintenance and a facility to select bespoke flow and return temperature limits.

Sensor lead assemblies are available in 2.5 m and 5 m variants for ease-of-installation with five core power/control lead available as a two metre connection cable or as an easy-to-assemble kit for rapid on-site fabrication.

Also available is a free analysis service – customers need to supply a list of boilers including site reference, make, model, KW output and approximate age to Apex, who will identify potential costs savings with iBEMS. Product is maintenance free and comes with a five year warranty.

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