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New Home Automation App Gives Users Remote Control

xComfort Smart Home AppEaton has launched a new smartphone app which enables users of its xComfort home automation system to control it remotely from just about anywhere in the world.

Using the app, home owners can quickly and easily adjust lighting, heating, blinds or shutters, as well as security systems, via their smartphone thus making it even easier for users to combine sustainable energy saving with living comfort. The new xComfort Smart Home App is currently available as a free download for smart phones using Android, iOS and WEB operating systems.

The new app, in combination with the Eaton xComfort Smart Home Controller, increases comfort and security while helping xComfort users save energy. All xComfort control functions can be combined on one smartphone or tablet, which can then be used as a remote control for the entire building automation system. Users can also see information first-hand on any unpredicted events like water leakage, a window opening or a triggering of the security system, as well as local video camera images.

Additionally, the xComfort Smart Home App can provide users with a report directly to their smartdevice detailing essential information on interior and exterior temperatures. When travelling for example, users can then use this information to decide whether to remotely switch the heating on or off accordingly. Lighting, alarms and other devices can also be controlled remotely via the Smart Home Controller.

The system is either enabled locally over the wireless home network (Wi-Fi), or remotely over the internet via a smartphone or web browser, through the Eaton server.

Eaton’s xComfort is a decentralised, wireless control system for electrical installations in buildings, providing a higher level of security, increased comfort and energy saving. In times of increasing energy prices, this enables users to save energy and in turn energy costs. All functions of modern electrical systems can be controlled conveniently and without lots of disruptive cables. The wireless xComfort system has an excellent range inside buildings and enables users to easily adapt the design to meet their individual requirements. Thanks to the system’s modular design and wireless communication, xComfort can be implemented to update, renovate or complement existing systems, or as a completely new system in itself and can be readily expanded.

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