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Are You As Tough As MK Commando?

MK Commando rangeWith IP ratings of 44 and 67, MK Commando’s range of industrial plugs, connectors and socket outlets stand up to the toughest conditions

The new MK Commando line has arrived, and it’s as tough, reliable and safe as ever. Over the next 12 months, the entire range will be refreshed, starting with the 40 most popular products. MK Commando includes a range of industrial plugs, connectors, socket outlets and appliance inlets, for indoor and outdoor use.

The products, with IP ratings of 44 and 67, are robustly designed with outstanding temperature performance, and resistance to most chemicals. The new and improved products also feature nickel plated pins, which are more resistant to wear and high humidity, and all plugs and connectors will have an improved cable clamp with a locking mechanism that will apply pressure to the cable for the lifetime of the product.

The MK Commando range is ideal for use in industrial environments like workshops, factories and warehouses; or in the food and beverage industry. The range is also perfect for applications that require frequent connection and disconnection of power in public areas such as airports, hospitals and shopping malls where ingress of dirt or liquids could be a concern.

Jason Ng, marketing communications specialist for MK Electric, said: “MK Commando is made for customers that demand safety, durability and performance on any warehouse, workshop or construction site. We’re proud to offer a range of products that are quick and easy to install and can be used in the toughest of environments.”

MK Commando industrial plugs, connectors, socket outlets and appliance inlets are designed to be installed by electrical contractors where a project requires functionality and safety. They boast a robust and ergonomic design, offering rounded edges and corners, for a comfortable grip allowing easy connection and disconnection. They also include suspension loops on all products, enabling users to suspend cables above the floor, helping to keep workspaces clear.

A unified seal and cable protector - which forms a convex dome - prevent the plug from collecting debris. Furthermore, they also provide cable protection and prolonged earth connection. In the unlikely event of failure of the cable gland and wires, the earth terminal will be the last to disconnect.

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