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New Voltis ECO Delivers 3-phase Multi-tap Transformer Flexibility

Voltis ECOFour new 3-phase multi-tap voltage optimisation systems designed to offer quicker installation, faster payback and greater in-use flexibility have been launched by energy saving specialist Marshall-Tufflex.

The British manufacturer’s new Voltis ECO range will appeal to users requiring an entry level ‘no-frills’ approach to voltage optimisation. The units are available direct from electrical wholesalers with three ‘tapping’ settings. Installers simply determine the ECO unit required (100A, 200A, 300A or 400A) and select the tapping setting most appropriate for each installation. This setting can be changed at any time should mains voltage levels change significantly at any point in the future which gives the site some future proofing benefits.

This multi-tap transformer approach drops the voltage by 11%, 9% or 6%, depending upon the level of incoming Mains (245Volts or above, 240Volts or 235Volts). Installers simply select the appropriate tapping based on the Mains voltage level to the site.

“This is a simplified approach to voltage optimisation but with the bonus that each Voltis ECO unit will maximise savings across a broad range of incoming Mains levels” said Jeremy Dodge, Marshall-Tufflex Head of Marketing & Technical Services. “Therefore installers can select the unit with the most appropriate Amp rating safe in the knowledge that it will work efficiently at the voltage level at site. Voltis ECO also allows for electrical engineers to return at any point to change the settings should mains voltage levels rise or fall significantly, future-proofing the installation.

“Voltis ECO will appeal to customers who do not have voltage dependent equipment and whose electrical consumption is characterised by consistent, steady loads where intelligent control for more dynamic loads is not always necessary. They’ll want a simple three phase VO solution that is easy to source and install, is not built to a specification and which is smaller and more cost-effective than more sophisticated systems. In short Voltis ECO offers a budget-conscious and highly efficient method of reducing power bills and carbon emissions,” added Mr Dodge.

Voltis ECO units are lighter, smaller and fitted with integral feet for floor mounting. They have no moving parts, require no maintenance and make savings as soon as installation is complete.

For customers requiring more sophisticated voltage optimisation solutions Marshall-Tufflex manufactures higher specification Voltis systems with control software, automatic neutral-switching bypass, intelligent operation and visual display functions.

The launch of Voltis ECO further strengthens Marshall-Tufflex’s energy management portfolio, which includes Voltis Home for domestic applications, Power Factor Correction, the Sinergy range of energy sub-metering devices and the newly launched Domestic and Commercial Boiler Manager systems.

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