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Business Hanging by a Thread ?

Conlok CL1G end boxNot any more, Demon Cato are the inventors, innovators and manufacturers of this exciting new range of Conlok unthreaded conduit boxes and accessories.

The Conlok system is a quick fit unthreaded conduit system, which has been designed and developed around the traditional British screwed system to dramatically reduce labour and increase speed of installation. Standard conduit tube is still used and the accessories are now replaced with the Conlok, boxes, couplings and adaptors. Using the Conlok system on your current installations will make efficient use of your current skilled labour, and give Your Company the extra competitive edge you need in the current market place.

The Conlok conduit box is, to all intents, a standard conduit box with a clearance inlet replacing the typical thread. A 12.9gr Socket Grub screw locks the conduit to the box, via an increased dimensional spout wall, for maximum torsion against the conduit, and maximum earth continuity. Conlok can be used on existing installations. Health and safety issues associated with cutting and re-threading of conduit on-site are also avoided by using the Conlok system.

The British Standard Institute has accredited the Conlok system with BS EN 61386-21:2004 the same BS no. as the traditional screwed system. Conlok is the only quick fit system to achieve this standard and the only system to offer a full range of 20mm and 25mm accessories.

nterest is growing daily in the new Conlok system as it offers a massive labour saving incentive and has been proven to speed up installation time on site by around 75%, with a saving in labour of around 4 – 5 Minutes per spout.

Conlok System is now available throughout the United Kingdom, through a network of established Distributors.

Full product details, including BS certificate, promotional video, and test report, supplied by the British Standard Institute are all available at www.demoncato.co.uk.

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