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ELLIS Prepares for Colossus Launch at CIRED 2013

Ellis Colossus CleatThe world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis, is preparing for a truly enormous product launch with the unveiling of its new heavy duty trefoil cleat, Colossus at June’s CIRED conference and exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.

Colossus is manufactured from 316L stainless steel and LSF polymer, has been short circuit tested to a level of 104kA peak, and is aimed specifically at the transmission and distribution, and utility markets.

Tony Conroy, export sales director of Ellis, said: “The launch of Colossus fills a gap in the market and our research shows that there is significant demand for it. In CIRED we have the perfect platform to showcase this new solution to the very people who will hopefully be specifying it in the very near future.”

CIRED is one of the major international electricity conference and exhibitions, with members of the electricity distribution community travelling from across the globe to share ideas and product developments at the biennial event. This year’s event, the 22nd, takes place at the Kistamässan in Kista, Stockholm from June 10th to 13th.

In addition to Colossus, Ellis will be showcasing its Emperor, Vulcan+ and Centaur cable cleats and saddles at CIRED, as well as underscoring its message of safe cleating practice.

“Our cable cleats are specified and installed on projects across the globe,” continued Tony Conroy. “There are though still too many instances where cleats are underspecified or overlooked in favour of wholly unsuitable fixings, which leaves expensive installations and, more importantly, lives at risk.”

“Our long term goal is to ensure everyone knows the sheer importance of cable cleats and that they always specify them correctly.”

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