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Polypipe Ventilation Launches New Silavent MVHR Unit with SAP Q-Topping Efficiency

As part of their ongoing commitment to developing innovative energy saving ventilation solutions, Polypipe has launched the brand new Silavent Green Line HRX2, a highly efficient Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) appliance with the highest available heat exchange performance on the SAP Appendix Q register.

Featuring a heat exchange efficiency of up to 95% and a full summer bypass option, the HRX2 offers the homeowner a year round ventilation solution. Designed for use in a wide range of properties, the HRX2 is suitable for installation in a cupboard, utility room or loft. The unit operates by transferring the heat from the waste stale air extracted from kitchens or bathrooms to fresh filtered air drawn in from outside, which is then distributed to the living rooms in the home. As well as helping to reduce demand on the central heating system, Silavent Green Line HRX2 MVHR units also provide a healthy living indoor environment through continuous balanced ventilation.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the HRX2 is SAP Appendix Q listed, Energy Saving Trust compliant and exceeds 2010 Building Regulations. Featuring the latest fan technology, these units offer extremely low Specific Fan Power (SFP) down to 0.46 W/(l/s), resulting in minimal energy usage whilst retaining full airflow performance. The distinct moulded EPP casing helps to maximise airflow, as well as delivering improved thermal efficiency, thereby enhancing the recovery of a home’s waste heat, up to the SAP Q-topping level of 95%.

The new HRX2 is an addition to Polypipe’s existing Silavent HRX range of MVHR units. In response to feedback from installers, the HRX range is designed with numerous innovative features to make installing and commissioning the units much easier and quicker than alternative models on the market. Such features include the wiring centre which is mounted externally, so the electrical connections and controls can be accessed for installation and commissioning without the unit being dismantled.

This also prevents the internal electrics from being exposed to any moisture within the unit. In addition, all units in the range are ‘ambidextrous’ so that the appliances can be fitted to the left or right hand side of the property regardless of the location of the external walls, avoiding the need for complex ‘cross over’ duct runs.

A common industry concern with MVHR is ease of end user operation. Whilst new homes usually come with a detailed appliance information pack, this information rarely makes it through to subsequent buyers. As a result, many new home owners can be unaware that they own an MVHR system, let alone understand how to operate it. To address this concern, Polypipe has kept the user interface clear and easy to use. User instructions are mounted directly onto the front of the HRX2 unit and simple control switches, which can be installed anywhere in the home, make the system easy to understand and operate.

A variety of added value options are available with the HRX range, including a summer bypass facility which helps prevent homes from overheating during the warmer months. Polypipe Ventilation has engineered a modular summer bypass mechanism with the HRX2, to improve airflow performance and efficiency. In addition to bypassing 100% of the air flow around the heat exchanger, the design also allows for easier installation and flexibility of positioning, another benefit for both the installer and homeowner. Other optional features include a bespoke condensate drainage kit which will remove any build-up of moisture and a frost protection system that reacts to temperatures below 5°C.

When used with Polypipe Ventilation’s Domus rigid or semi-rigid duct systems, along with the new Domus Thermal rigid duct insulation system, the Silavent Green Line HRX range offers one of the most comprehensive MVHR solutions available on the market.

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