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Legrand Sizes Up Office Market Standard With New Grommets

Legrand 6 inch grommetLegrand has moved to create a new industry standard by launching six inch versions of its access and cleaners’ grommets.

The new Electrak products were developed in response to two key market changes, which mean the current standard five inch solution is no longer the most suitable option.

Steve Marr, marketing manager for Legrand’s power distribution business unit, said: “Increased data requirements have led to more data cables being installed, while increased data speed has resulted in thicker cables.

“Meanwhile, the 17th Edition need for RCD protection of sockets used by ordinary persons has meant that space in cleaners’ grommets is also at a premium.”

Legrand’s new Electrak solutions tackle these problems by delivering the additional space required, but without the need to step up to eight inch products.

Its new six inch access grommet is big enough for an installer to get either their arm or a data GOP box through, which can be an issue with five inch grommets, and has the same conduit capacity built into the lid as a standard eight inch grommet, meaning it can accommodate up to 3 x 32mm conduits.

And the new six inch body means that an RCD socket can be mounted flat in the cleaners’ grommet and still leave enough room to easily plug-in and remove a moulded plug.

Selected products are available pre-wired to Electrak tap-offs, while the entire grommet range features a large number of additional installer and user benefits, including; spring loaded screws for rapid installation; a removable inlay for optional carpet fitting; and the cable flaps in the cleaners’ grommet allow for the permanent connection of services when the lid is closed.

“The new grommets further enhance our Electrak range, which also features Intersoc-R desk modules and our market leading power track busbar system,” continued Steve Marr.

“When you add everything together it’s fair to say that we offer the most flexible and comprehensive power distribution system from underfloor right through to workstations.”

Legrand’s Electrak access and cleaners’ grommets are now available as five, six and eight inch options.

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