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Find Buried Cables and Pipes Fast with EASYLOC from Megger

Megger SebaKMT EasyLocWith the latest SebaKMT EasyLoc line location system from Megger, the route and depth of buried cables and pipes can be determined quickly and accurately, making it much easier to avoid costly and disruptive accidental damage to underground services.

For maximum versatility, the EasyLoc system offers a choice of operating modes, making it equally suitable for use with energised or dead power cables, along with metallic pipes.

The EasyLoc system has two main components: a transmitter and a handheld receiver. When tracing energised cables, the receiver is used on its own and looks for power frequency signals radiated by the cable. The user simply scans the likely route of the cable with the receiver until a clear signal is indicated, and then by positioning the receiver at the point of highest signal strength, the cable location is indicated.

For convenience, the signal strength is indicated audibly via the built-in loudspeaker as well as visibly by the instrument’s large backlit display panel. Once the location of the cable has been determined, its depth can be measured and displayed by simply pressing a button on the receiver.

The procedure for tracing pipes and unenergised cables is very similar, but in this instance the transmitter is used to inject a unique test signal into the pipe or cable. This can be done by direct connection of the transmitter, or by using induction to couple the test signal. As the transmitter has a mains voltage proof output, it can also be used with energised cables to provide improved accuracy in difficult operating conditions.

The SebaKMT EasyLoc system supports operation at 33 kHz, which means that it is compatible with other location systems, and for ease of operation an automatic sensitivity control is built in. As a further benefit, the instrument has a self-calibration check routine that will save on maintenance costs.

Optional accessories are available to further increase the versatility of the EasyLoc system. These include a pipeline transmitter for locating non-metallic pipes, a transmitter clamp for coupling the transmitter signal into energised cables without the need for direct connections, a house connection set for connecting the transmitter signal via a standard socket outlet, and headphones to enable the receiver’s audible output to be monitored in noisy environments.

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