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Vent-Axia Extends its Lo-Carbon Tempra Range

Vent Axia TempraVent-Axia, has expanded its award-winning Lo-Carbon Tempra range by adding additional units designed for installation in properties with deeper walls.

Featuring an extended spigot, this new version of the Tempra is ideal for installation with wall depths up to 460mm, thus allowing the unit to be used in a wider range of applications.

Part of the company’s innovative Lo-Carbon™ initiative, Vent-Axia’s revolutionary Lo-Carbon Tempra was the UK’s first single room heat recovery unit to be simply retrofitted through a 100mm diameter hole in the wall. This allows standard traditional inefficient extract fans to be easily replaced with this discreet, low energy, continuously running alternative that also offers affordable heat recovery.

To increase installation flexibility Vent-Axia now offers the Tempra with two different spigot sizes. As a result the Tempra can now be fitted through wall depths of up to  320mm, or up to 460mm. With the new extended spigot ideal for use through thicker walls now even more households can benefit from this innovative heat recovery unit, and the reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint reductions that it offers.

Providing up to 84% heat recovery, the Tempra is the only unit of its type which can be retrofitted through a 100mm diameter hole in the wall. This enables standard bathroom, kitchen, toilet or utility room fans to be easily replaced with a Tempra without the need to make the hole any larger, saving substantially on installation time and cost.

Central to the Tempra’s compact footprint required to fit in a 100mm diameter hole is its double wheel motorised impellers. The innovative technology allows for just one motor to be used with an extended shaft to drive two impellers to achieve double flow requirements, resulting in a very energy efficient solution. The unit’s performance, taken together with Tempra’s integral Lo-Carbon™ DC motor, brings significant energy savings and will help reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

Discreet and quiet in operation, Tempra can be set to run continuously at 6 l/s or 9 l/s, boosting up to 13 l/s if required. For intermittent extract applications, the unit can be set to operate at 15 l/s.  It also incorporates a manual summer setting to ensure that when it is warm outside, it operates on extract only. This eliminates the risk of the home overheating in hot summer weather.   

The Tempra is part of Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon™ collection. The aim of the Lo-Carbon initiative is to offer the latest low carbon ventilation technology in order to reduce building energy consumption and so carbon emissions.

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