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Fläkt Woods IPSUM Optimization System - a giant step forward for comfort and energy saving

Fläkt Woods has long worked with simple systems for demand controlled ventilation and used its long experience to design the IPSUM optimization system.

Demand Controlled Ventilation adjusts the level of air to the room’s actual needs. This means that a high indoor climate quality can be achieved at the same time as energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

The IPSUM optimizes the pressure and temperature set points in the Air Handling Unit to achieve the lowest possible operating costs. In addition to the product dependent components necessary for a VAV system, the IPSUM™ system consists of three components.

•    IPSUM™ System Optimizer – Optimizes operational data for the air handling unit.
•    IPSUM™ System Router – Links rooms, floors and zones.
•    IPSUM™ Connection Unit – Connects the products to the system, for example room controllers and actuators.

IPSUM will provide numerous benefits thanks to the system optimization:
•    The benefits of full control of the entire climate system allows optimal room comfort and operating economy.
•    The IPSUM System Router and IPSUM Connection Unit are used for both waterborne and airborne VAV products.
•    Open communication and 0...10 VDC signals allows the connection of air handling units other than the eQ or e3coStar.
•    For smaller systems with a maximum of 30 IPSUM Connection Units, no IPSUM System Router is necessary.
•    The built-in web interface with automatic configuration provides fast and simple installation and commissioning.

IPSUM is a major evolution for Fläkt Woods by offering a system solution composed with the full Fläkt Woods product range.


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