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Gewiss MDC Range - The evolution of residual current protection

Gewiss MCD range RCDThe new impulse-resistant configurations make it possible to avoid untimely tripping, which are increasingly caused by the wide-scale use of electronic equipment. Versions coupled with ReStart provide service continuity that is beyond comparison in the market.

Selectivity and compactness
The introduction of the new MDC selective A[S] type increases the versatility of GEWISS's offer of residual current circuit breakers for all installation requirements.

Total residual current protection
The new SD B type complete the offer of the RCCBs. The tripping is ensured for direct leakage currents which cannot be detected by AC and A type.They are used in many applications such as in industrial and medical areas and in the PV applications.

Wide Range
Since introducing these new configurations, the Gewiss RCBO offer is currently the largest available to the market.

Also using the new A[IR] and A[S] type MDC versions obtains complete protection, reducing overall dimensions by 50%.

The new MDC selective A[S] type makes it possible to add a second level of upstream residual current protection without increasing the dimensions of the main board.

The new MDC and BD A[IR] type with level of immunity (8/20 µs) increased to 3000A, represent the ideal solution in networks with a significant presence of harmonics and disturbances.

100% continuity
Thanks to the MDC and BD A[IR] type coupled with ReStart, GEWISS is the only manufacturer able to provide a single device which prevents and pays attention to untimely tripping with maximum service continuity.

Fault Diagnosis
The RCBO can identify the type of fault that has caused the device to trip. A yellow flag indicates earth fault.

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