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Furse Protective Conductor Guard - the effective solution to theft, vandalism & damage

Furse conductor guardFurse introduces a new range of simple yet highly effective high impact PVC protective conductor guards specifically designed to deter vandal damage and the removal of valuable conductor from lightning protection installations.

Lightning protection systems are now installed on almost every new commercial building constructed today. Each installation includes a number of metallic conductors, which form
the vital electrical connection from the air termination to earth termination systems. Removal of a conductor would reduce the effectiveness of the lightning protection system and potentially place the building, and people within, at risk from dangerous lightning energy. However, at ground level down conductors can often be a soft target for metal theft, opportunity crime and vandalism unless protected.

Protective conductor guard in situThe Furse PVC protective conductor guard has been designed to deliver an effective and economical deterrent to this risk. With its high impact, durable construction and 3 metre length, the Furse conductor guard delivers protection well beyond the immediate reach of metal thieves. Quick to install, with a low profile, the range is suitable for 25 x 3 mm flat tape, Ø 8 mm solid circular conductor or 50 mm2 stranded cable (Bare & PVC covered) and is available in a variety of colours to complement a building’s exterior.

Download the protective conductor guard datasheet here

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