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New Brady BBP™33 Label Printer Offers Unbeatable Speed and Ease of Use

Brady, has announced the launch of the BBP™33 Label Printer. Brady's new, easy to use printing system features "drop-in" supplies that allow users to perform a complete supply changeover in less than 20 seconds, with no adjustments or calibration needed.

Designed to make label making faster and easier, BBP™33 was built for users who need frequent material changeovers. The new label printer also helps to save costs and improve productivity by eliminating wasted blank labels by quality printing on the first label.

"Time spent to set up a printer can be very frustrating", says Hilde De Swerdt, EMEA Product Marketing Manager for Printing Systems. "With BBP™33, we reduced setup time to an absolute minimum. Customers who regularly change materials in their printer will love this product. It is easy and intuitive and users will be able to create top quality labels without any training at all. "

Printing on 600 label parts and 40 different materials, BBP™33 handles a wide range of die-cut labels for product, wire and laboratory identification, as well as a full range of safety and facility label materials.

Wire and Cable Identification
In electrical industries and in all industries using large numbers of wires & cables, BBP™33 has the advantage of being able to print on a vast range of labels. From the industry's best-selling self-laminating labels and heat-shrink sleeves to panel identification, BBP™33 enhances productivity by immediately producing the right label without any manual adjustment to the printer. BBP™33 will print both sides of heat-shrink sleeves without wasting one sleeve, a feat non-Brady printers will have a hard time to match.

Safety and Facility Identification
In any facility, BBP™33's versatility delivers a cost-effective solution across the spectrum of safety & facility identification.  Included in the new printer's portfolio are Safety, Equipment Identification, Lean, Indoor and Outdoor signage, printable on durable materials able to withstand extreme environments. Everything from photo-luminescent exit signs to GHS compliant signage and pipe markers can be produced using only one printer. Customers can now choose between the BBP™31 sign printer standalone version or the BBP™33 PC-based model depending on their preference. All BBP™31 standalone sign printer materials, and more, can be used with the BBP™33.

The BBP™33 printer is also compatible with Brady's software programs, including Markware™, LabelMark™ and CodeSoft™ labelling software.  These label software programs allow fast label and barcode creation and symbol and data importation.

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