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New Spacer Pattress Box Minimises Cable Damage

A new spacer pattress box from Hager helps prevent deliberate cable damage because it allows a flexible cable to exit flush to the wall rather than through the front face of a fused spur or 20A switch.

The solution is particularly useful for electric night storage heaters and electric hand dryers in public locations, where there is a danger of the cable being tugged either accidently or intentionally.  A cable clamp in the spacer pattress box ensures that the security of connection is maintained in these and other applications.

Jane Yorke, product manager from Hager, said:  “This product can provide a safer solution where the potential for deliberate cable damage is likely.  Allowing the cable to exit vertically rather than from the front means there is much greater protection from tugging and pulling as well as from general wear and tear.”

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