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TE Connectivity Launches Innovative T200 IDENT Printer

The new all-in-one thermal transfer printer features upgraded technology for increased accuracy and performance, ready to withstand the test of time.

With 40 years of knowledge and industry experience, TE Connectivity (TE) is introducing its new T200 Ident printer, the new all-in-one thermal transfer printer featuring upgraded technology for advanced usability and performance.

This solution is ideal for low volume printing and is capable of printing on a wide range of cable identification products, including the smallest markers, with high quality and high permanency at a lower cost than traditional solutions. With a robust feature set including automatic calibration using the best available sensors on the market for superior accuracy and reduced waste as well as an internal touch screen menu, the T200 Ident printer is a single-source solution that can print on nearly all of TE’s identification and label products, thus eliminating the need for multiple printers.

“In some industries, cables can remain in their original position for more than 30 years and must stay clearly legible after long durations of time even in the harshest environments,” said Alan Mitchell, Global Product Manager with TE Connectivity’s Ident and Labelling division. “Our cable identification systems are designed and proven to withstand the test of time and are of high permanency. With this new printer launch, we are excited to offer our customers a cost efficient way of printing small sized markers accurately without product waste.”

Upgraded Technology, Unparalleled Print Quality
TE’s extensive testing processes ensure that the printer operates at an improved speed without compromising print quality. The printer has an improved level of calibrating on all applicable sizes of articles including the smallest of markers and sleeves without the print drifting, therefore reducing the number of misprints and reprints. Additionally, unique to TE, the company manufactures its own tubing, including the polymers and compounds, giving it the distinctive ability to pinpoint any print quality issues as they can be traced back and linked to the quality of the tube and the manufacturing process.

The T200 Ident printer is available as a stand-alone solution or as a package with TE’s WINTOTAL5 software, which is pre-loaded with templates of all TE’s cable identification and label ranges. In addition to the T200 Ident printer, TE also offers a broad range of cable identification products including qualified printer ribbons. T200 is the next evolution of TE’s cable identification systems and will phase out TE’s T208M and T212M lines of printers

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