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Leading Up To A Change With Megger

Megger test leadsPortable test equipment expert Megger has launched a new and comprehensive range of test leads for use with low voltage instruments.

Developed specifically to combine versatility and convenience with enhanced user safety, the leads feature heat-resistant insulation with a high silicone content, which remains flexible even at low temperatures and resists hardening as the leads age.

The leads are complemented by improved test probes and crocodile clips. The leads probes and clips comply fully with the requirements of the recently introduced IEC 61010-031, and are marked as appropriate to confirm compliance.

Megger’s new test leads are now being supplied as standard with all of the company’s low-voltage test instruments, and are also available separately in sets of three leads, which are colour coded red, blue and green, in compliance with the latest international standards. Fused and un-fused versions are available.

The lead sets include leads, short insulated probe tips for general use and long thin flexible probes for accessing hard-to-reach test points. Also included are Megger’s new crocodile clips, which have been completely redesigned to enhance usability and convenience. The standard probe tips, flexible probes and crocodile clips are fully interchangeable.

The crocodile clips, which have a long slender design, feature strong springs that will not lose their tension over time, and the jaws of the clips have novel dual-pitch serrations that greatly reduce the risk of the clips becoming dislodged during testing.

The changes to IEC 61010-031 require test probes for use in CAT III and CAT IV applications to be marked as such and to have no more than 4 mm of uninsulated probe tip exposed. By incorporating these features into all the probes in its new range, Megger has ensured that they are safe for all low voltage applications.

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